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My whole family, live, work and play here!

My family, mother Marion, wife Lisa, son Dylan and daughter Alexis

My wife Lisa and I have raised our two kids here over the past 25 years and we work here and we want to ensure that all children have the opportunity to grow up in safe neighbourhoods, with numerous options for sports, jobs and arts activities along with a multitude of job opportunities for them and ourselves.

“My commitment to you, to advance the vision that will see us living in a vibrant, complete city, one in which residents can live safely, find work without commuting, play on our courts and fields and entertain family and friends in our parks and cultural centres.”

I would like to see Coquitlam continue to evolve and grow, and it is this growth that will provide significant challenges for all of our families. Burke Mountain, Burquitlam, and the Town Centre are areas that have seen dramatic and visible change in recent years but every neighbourhood is seeing change whether it be in the development of higher density condos, larger homes in the older established neighbourhoods or transit and recreation needs.


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